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The Source of Jimin Zhuifeng Gao

    Jimin Zhuifeng Gao originally was imperial secret recipes, and later on the recipe spread to Naozhou Island where its folk origin derived from.

    In 1275, forces of the Yuan regime advanced towards the south and Linan(todays Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province), the capital city of Southern Song Dynasty, was conquered. Under the escort of civil and military officials such as Lu Xiufu, Zhang Shijie and Wen Tianxiang as well as a hundred thousand soldiers, the eleven-year-old Zhao Shi(Emperor Duanzong of Song)and his younger brother, Zhao Bing, who was enfeoffed as thePrince of Wei”escaped being killed by Yuan’s troops.

    In March of 1277, they fled from coastal area of southeastern China to Mangzhou Island(today’s Naozhou Island of Zhanjiang).

    Emperor Duanzong of Song(eleven-year-old) was young and weak, plus that he was kept on the run and remained in a state of apprehension all the way, he died of illness in Mangzhou Island in April of that year.

    Later on, under the support of many officials including Lu Xiufu, eight-year-old Zhao Bing was enthroned as the new emperor, who was historically known as“Emperor Bing of Song”.

Short as young Emperor Bing’s stay in Naozhou Island was, Lu Xiufu and Zhang Shijie were impressed by unsophisticated local folk custom and support from the locals, and learned that the locals generally suffered from rheumatic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, back pain, and limbs anesthesia due to the fact that they suffered from exposure to wind and rain as well as seawater immersion all year around, thus they ordered imperial physicians to grant the imperial secret recipe for rheumatism which is named as“Jimin Zhuifeng Gao”to the local people when they evacuated from NaoZhou Island.

From then on, the chronic rheumatic pain which troubled the locals was greatly relieved. Because of its good curative effect, the reputation of this drug spread quickly throughout the Leizhou Peninsula.

Therefore, there is a local ballad:“MangZhou Island of the Tang Dynasty became the capital of the last emperor of the Song Dynasty; Now the recipe for rheumatism remains, but the Song Dynasty had gone.”

Later on, as a result of human-caused continuous destruction of nature, the valuable and rare crude materials in the formula ofJimin Zhuifeng Gao plaster”were hard to get. Therefore, this drug only existed in few rich local families.

After liberation, our country vigorously exploit the folk formula of Chinese patent medicine. Especially since the reform and opening up, the success of research and development of artificial musk makes this drug appear again and serve a wide range of patients.

Ji Min Pharmaceutical Enterprise inherits the traditional folk prescription and uses the traditional process to prepare. After repetitive reforms,innovations and trials, our company applies the drug to the tape in order to manufacture a new kind of modern plaster which is convenient for patients to carry, preserve and use.